For whatever reason

my love, my lust

everything’s more

beautiful dressed in

alkaline dust

a future glimpse

to your gray beard

and my weathered


the taste

that permeates


feet and fingernails

and lingers

in the unshaven hair

on my legs

spinning, dancing, jumping, skipping, climbing,

singing, laughing, kissing, hugging, fucking,

tripping, talking, yelling, singing, loving

in the desert

that was once so wet

let’s build it so beautiful

there won’t be anything left.

Beautiful people

and their marks

their bumps and bruises

and cavities

that show how someone

used to tease

them about nothing

but beautiful because

right in front of

me, I see love.

Light, in an imperceptible spectrum

from inside the shell

leaking out of the holes

punctured by some

who came before you

but those shots did not cause them to fall,

and that’s probably why

they’re beautiful.